General Conditions of Vitramar Ltda.

1. Rates and currency

Rates are in US dollar (USD) and non commissionable.

2. Payment

Full payment is required prior to passenger(s) arrival. It full payment has not been received reservations will be canceled. Payments are to be made wire transfer. Vitramar Ltda. will not be responsible for transfer fees.

3. Cancellations and modifications

No penalties; if the services are cancelled up to 30 days before the start of the reserved services. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days the following charges apply:
Cancellation 0-7 days prior arrival: 100% booking payable.
7-29 days: 50% booking payable.

Individual travelers: Vitramar Ltda. will charge cancellations fees are receive from the hotels and the suppliers. At least Vitramar Ltda. will charge following fee policy:

a) No charge: Up to 48 hours before arrival.
b) 30% charge, based on first night: if notified one working day before arrival (Monday-Friday).
c) Full charge (first night only): non arrival or notified the same day.
d) This cancellation policy applies to reservations of up to 4 rooms. There after Group cancellation rates apply.
f) In certain cases different cancellation terms apply and these will be advised at time of request.

Any modification or cancellation of reserved services must be notified to Vitramar Ltda. in written form.

No cancellations will be accepted during weekends, this includes cancellations made directly to the hotel by your client/passenger. Cancellations for weekend arrivals (Saturday, Sundays and holidays) must be notified by 9 a.m. on the prior Friday or business day.

4. Vouchers

Vouchers are to be issued with our reference number and all items of the confirmation. Vitramar Ltda. will only provide the services as confirmed and included in the voucher. All extras are to be paid directly to the hotel or the supplier.

5. Liability

The Passenger/agency agrees to all terms and conditions given by the provider.

The tour participant agrees that neither Vitramar Ltda nor its affiliates shall be liable for any damage, loss ( including personal injury, death, and property loss) or expense occasioned by any act or omission of any supplier providing tour services. Whether resulting from but not limited to: acts of bad or force majeure, illness, disease, acts of war, civil unrest, insurrection or revolt, animals, strikes, labor activities, criminal or terrorist activity of any kind or other activities, overbooking or downgrading service and failure of any mechanical or other mode of transportation.
Vitramar Ltda. will not be responsible for the quality of the rendered services, the cleanliness existing in hotels or any other discomfort or payment caused by the hotel if not rendering a service, or any payment caused by the loss or damage of personal articles or baggage, or the delay of airplanes, trains, buses, boats or any other change or delay.

The passengers/agency accept that neither Vitramar Ltda. nor its agents are in condition to give declarations or promises, unless those are included in a written agreement between the passenger and Vitramar Ltda., and unless mentioned agreement is signed by an authorized representative of Vitramar Ltda.. Vitramar Ltda. may at any moment refuse to render any service to any person, in which case the only obligation will be reimburse to the person that made the payment to Vitramar Ltda, the amount of the payment equivalent to the services not being used.

All tickets, coupons, vouchers and orders are subject to the terms of the providers which offer and give the transportation or any other service. Vitramar Ltda. has taken all necessary steps to assure the adequate organization of the services described in our packages the same as that the providers are trustworthy and efficient. Vitramar Ltda. does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage, sickness, lesions, inconveniences, loss of enjoyment, anxiety or fear which might result from:

a) The non compliance by the passenger concerning the fulfillment to obtain and taking with him all and every one of the required travel documents, including visas or passport or tourist cards.

b) The non compliance by the passenger of the itineraries concerning lost flight connections.

c) Vitramar Ltda. is not responsible for the consequences of personal activities of any guest, assuming that person is totally responsible for the decision taken concerning health conditions, security, physical conditions for diving or any other activity.

d) Any action or omission or negligence by any travel service provider whose services are bought by the client.

e) Theft, strike, mechanical breakdowns, governmental restrictions, climate conditions, earthquakes or any other cause of reasonable out of our control.

f) Corporal injuries or death.

g) Not authorized declarations or false interpretations by any travel agency or their employees in relation to the quality, activities, and services in inclusion of the vacation program.

h) Early departure cancelled diving immersions due to weather conditions and/or chaos, damage or derived costs for delayed itineraries of flights, including, without limitation, connections of lost transportation. The departure times of flights cannot be guaranteed, as weather conditions may affect the operation conditions. There will be maximum attention to security.

Vitramar Ltda. recommends strongly to all passengers to purchase an insurance before starting any travel.

Vitramar Ltda. reserve the right to alter our routes, dates, times, rates, coaches, cars, hotels, etc without prior information.